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I travel a lot, for business and fun, and I’m quite religious in leaving reviews of the places I visit and services I use. I Run a [Reputation Company][2] and I value user feedback a LOT in evaluating Hotels, Restaurants and Attractions, and I feel it is my duty and privilege to share my experiences.

> Be aware of the fact that I’ll review you. And that the reviews WILL last.

As you may easily find out from my [online profile on Tripadvisor][1] I detain the highest possible reviewer’s badge on the platform, the **Tripadvisor’s Top Reviewer**’s one, and I also detain badges for Hotel Expert, Luxury Hotel Expert and Restaurant Expert *(level 10)*. In addition to that I’m quite active (and vocal) on [Twitter]( *(with more than **20k followers**)* and on [Facebook]( *(**5000+ friends and 3000+** followers)*. I’m almost non existent on Instagram, though ;)

**I will rate you, and I’ll do especially if the service you provide is sub-par.** I may (or may not) review a standard place or service, but I will most certainly rate you if something goes wrong, if what you advertise is different from the service you provide, and if the experience you provide create stress and/or problems. You can bet I can be REALLY vocal about that.

Ethics is a hot topic in the blogging and rating world, so I’ve decided to put my code of ethics front and centre. First I have included disclosures of any compensated relationships in the travel/service industry I have received. Then you will see details about my willingness to accept free or discounted products along with all offers, whether they have been accepted, and whether any blog posts were written about them. My goal is to be an open book here. You can always contact me with questions or comments at

## Code of Conduct

* When I write about free and/or discounted products and services, I will always disclose on this page who gave them to me, when they were given to me, and when I wrote about them. I will also include the discount amount offered in any post on the products/services;
* I will always write the truth about a product or service regardless of whether it is good or bad. I will never trade favourable press for free and/or discounted products and services. But people are allowed to do mistakes, and I’m willing to let you make amendment of your errors in the way you’ll find suitable;
* I will only accept free and/or discounted products and services if the people offering the product/service confirm that they have read this code of ethics and are willing to abide by the rules that have been set here;
* Just because I have been provided with free and/or discounted products and services doesn’t mean I will write about them. The only criteria for determining whether or not to write about a product is if it will make for a compelling post, good or bad.
List of Offered Free or Discounted Products/Services;
* In this page you’ll find a full and complete list of products/services with a value of over $50 that have been offered to me along with whether they were accepted or not. This list does not include invitations to events unless a free or discounted product or service accompanied that invitation. *(I apologise if I missed something small from the early days of the blog. Let me know if you sponsored me something and I’ll add it)*;

## Disclosure of Current Compensated Relationships

* I’m stakeholder in The Fool srl
* I’m stakeholder in Nois3 srl
* I’m stakeholder in Samadhi srl
* My business partner is owner/shareholder of
* My business partner is owner/shareholder of GA&Partners Architecture Studio
* My business partner is owner/shareholder of Giacomini Investimenti
* I am (potentially) compensated to write on
* I am (potentially) compensated to write on
* I am (potentially) compensated to write on ADV and Pubblicità Italia
* I am compensated to teach for Ninja Academy
* I am compensated to teach for Galgano Formazione

## Historical Disclosures

* Deliveroo sent me free-meal tryout for a less-than-optimal service given, along with some sweets. In a later meeting with the Italian CEO they gave me a backpack with deliveroo logo (that I use quite often);
* JustEat sent me free-meal tryout for a less-than-optimal service given;
* Phillips sent me a razor to try and review that I held after the review for use;
* Adv and Pubblicità Italia published my e-book (rights given for free in exchange od free copies of the printed book;
* I’ve been reimbursed/compensated to participate to the following events:
* 2016-10-05: Change The Game (sponsored by Noovle)

## Colophone

In an attempt of transparency, I used to include the following statement: *Please be aware I’m a Tripadvisor Top Reviewer, and I detain badges for Hotel Expert, Luxury Hotel Expert and Restaurant Expert level 10. In addition I’m on Twitter (@lastknight, 20K+ follower) and Facebook ~8000+ fans. You can find my Code of Ethics here:*.
Due to a [nice and long thread on Facebook][3] about this topic I’ll no longer do that on a constant basis. Trust by fellow users is far more important than trust from the business owners I’m reviewing.


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